5 Design Features at Aston Hills You Might Have Missed!

5 Design Features at Aston Hills You Might Have Missed!

Good urban design is all about creating the kind of place you’ll love to call home. But when you first drive into a development, you might not notice the small details that go into designing a beautiful place to live. When you’re choosing a development, it’s a good idea to look closely at the masterplan, the reputation of the developer and the quality of the urban design on site. Here are five sneaky urban design details you may not have noticed about Aston Hills

  1. A Walk in the Park

Aston Hills has been designed to enhance the natural beauty of its Adelaide Hills location and is home to a network of linear parks, trails, open spaces and major reserves. To ensure that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors, we carefully designed Aston Hills to ensure that every home is located no more than 300m from a park or reserve. This means at Aston Hills, beautiful open green spaces will never be far from home…

  1. Welcome to the Village

Aston Hills was always designed to become a modern and vibrant Adelaide Hills village. The development is located to the east of Mount Barker, and the name ‘Aston’ itself means ‘east village’ in old English. If you look closely, you’ll also see many of our streets are named after famous villages from around the world…

  1. There’s No Place Like Home

When Dorothy wanted to return to Kansas from the Land of Oz, she clicked her heels three times. And when you arrive home at Aston Hills, we want you to get home just as easily! That’s why when you turn into Aston Hills you shouldn’t be more than three turns from home – our goal is to have no more than three intersections between our entrance and your driveway. This makes coming home after a long day easier and more relaxing!

  1. Going Green

Aston Hills was masterplanned to optimise solar orientation for allotments to help make heating and cooling your new home cheaper and more efficient. We also have LED street lights, we retained as many mature trees as possible and planted hundreds of new ones. We’re also pretty proud to have won an award from the UDIA (SA) for Environmental Excellence for our water sensitive urban design in our Central Lakes Reserve (you can read more about that here).

  1. Location, location, location…

When the team at Lanser acquires a parcel of land for development, location is key. Our team is incredibly selective about how the new destination will be connected to the existing community and to major infrastructure links. Aston Hills was selected because of its direct congestion-free connection to the Bald Hills Road freeway interchange, allowing you to enjoy country living and fast, direct commutes to the city. What’s more, Aston Hills is also close to the Summit Sport & Recreation Park, the Aston Hills Golf Club, the brand new Aston Hills Shopping Centre and a future education campus and medical centre. These convenient amenities ensure that Aston Hills offers timeless appeal for your family and generations to come.

To find out more about making Aston Hills home, please contact our team.