Aston Hills is an exciting new Mount Barker address masterplanned to be rich in community, activity, family and friendship. As it grows into a modern and vibrant neighbourhood, Aston Hills will provide a unique living environment where cosmopolitan services, rolling hills and naturally beautiful open spaces are at your doorstep.

Village Of The Future

With a brand new Village Centre and school at the heart of Aston Hills, shops, services and cafes will all be within walking distance of your brand new home. Enjoy an active lifestyle surrounded by fitness trails, your very own golf course, parks and play spaces and a dedicated mountain biking track  At Lanser we have a passion and a vision for creating places with a strong sense of community, places that cater for modern lifestyles, and where your most important investment is protected. We have designed Aston Hills with plenty of positivity, vision and creative energy and we hope that these same passions are shared by everyone who calls Aston Hills home.

Aston Hills Entrance Statement
Aston Hills Brochure On Table

Urban Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines provide certainty for the standard of development at Aston Hills through a straightforward set of objectives, principles and controls for home design that will help create an attractive neighbourhood that you and your neighbours will be proud of. They benefit the whole community by making Aston Hills unique – a better, more attractive place to live where your investment is protected.

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