6 Reasons to Build Over Buying Established

6 Reasons to Build Over Buying Established

From cheaper energy bills to a more relaxed lifestyle, starting from scratch and building a brand new home in 2023 has plenty of long lasting benefits. We’ve listed six reasons why building could be the better option for you today and in the future…

  1. Build a Lifestyle You Love

Building a new home allows you to minimise home maintenance as much as possible. Buying an established property often means you will spend a lot of your spare time fixing things, whereas in a brand new home your upkeep will be minimal. With warranties in place for your building and appliances plus the opportunity to establish low maintenance garden, you’ll have more time to do the things you love!

  1. Cheaper Energy Bills

Building a new home means that you can future-proof your home against sky-rocketing energy bills. From solar orientation and insulation to energy efficient heating and cooling and glazing – you can make sure your new home will be climate smart. What’s more, solar panels are easier to include in a new home than to retro-fit onto an existing home – saving you even more in the long run…

3. Express Yourself

Finding an existing home that ticks all the boxes can be a challenge. Building new gives you a greater level of control over how your home will look and feel, and allows you to choose the floorplan and specific features and finished that you’re looking for including bespoke work-from-home spaces or a large outdoor kitchen.

4. No Renos!

Renovating an established home can end up costing you a lot of time and money.  If you’re considering buying an existing home and doing renovations, the costs involved tend to favour starting from scratch. Renovations can often uncover costly issues throughout the process, and building from scratch can be a more cost-effective way of achieving the home of your dreams.

5. Create Your Own Community

Building in a new development means that you will be surrounded by plenty of new neighbours that will have lots in common! Most residents at Aston Hills are young families who have also been through the process of building their new home and are looking to meet new friends. From slab parties and our online community to street meet-ups, there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends at Aston Hills!

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