A First Home Buyer shares her stylish Adelaide Hills home…

A First Home Buyer shares her stylish Adelaide Hills home…

We sat down with Bree who built her first home at Aston Hills! She has some great tips on saving for first homebuyers, and chatted with us about why she decided to move from the Western Suburbs to the Hills…

Bree outside her new home in Mount Barker!

Lanser: Bree congrats on your new home! Is this your first home?

Bree: Thank you so much! Yes, this is my first home, it has always been a goal of mine to build my own!

L: What made you decide to build your first home (as opposed to buying an existing one)? 

B: The first home owners grant was a huge selling point for me and allowed me to get into the market! I knew if I wanted to buy an established home, I would have needed to save a much bigger deposit, so that was the difference for me! 

L: What made you choose Aston Hills as the place to build?

B: When doing my research, building in an estate seemed most affordable. I chose Aston Hills as the land was well priced for the sizes, the community seemed so friendly, and the master plan including the future village complex were big selling points! 

Bree in her backyard 🌱

L: What attracted you to the Adelaide Hills?

B: For me, moving to the Adelaide Hills was a big change, having come from the Western suburbs. The affordability of Aston Hills and the master plan was quite attractive to me. Being so close to wineries and restaurants is also very cool!

L: Tell us about your home building story – how did you select your builder?

B: As a solo home builder, I was on a tight budget! So I kept my search for builders quite small, and narrowed it down to a handful and started by visiting display homes all over Adelaide with the builders I was able to afford. I also did lots of research online of floor plans! I ended up choosing Hickinbotham as I loved their displays and floor plans, they were very affordable, and I had heard positive stories from friends and family who had also built with them. The design consultant was also super helpful and made the decision easier! Hickinbotham were also able to facilitate customising the floor plan to my needs and wishes which was great!

L: How did you choose your particular home design?

B: I knew I wanted a large sized family home with the prospect of me living in it for a few years to get started, and then considering having the home as an investment, so I wanted to attract a large base of potentials! I also saw the floor plan in a Hickinbotham display home and fell in love with it, so it was an easy choice being able to see and walk through what you want to create! (With a few minor changes of course to make it my own!)

Bree loves her stylish new kitchen by Hickinbotham

L: How hard was it to save your deposit and do you have any tips for people saving at the moment?

B: I saved consistently for about 1.5 years and unfortunately it did mean missing out on some things that I really wanted to do, but it kept me focused and accountable! Also, having a goal amount I found helpful to strive toward. Narrowing your spending money, and being consistent with savings each week/fortnight is key!

L: What was the process like as a first home buyer – did you have any problems along the way? And if so, how did you solve them?

B: Building you own home isn’t without its challenges! Securing my block was the biggest challenge for me, and unfortunately I did face almost losing the block that I loved in Aston Hills due to some difficulties with the contract, and requirements of the lender. I am so lucky that I have a great mortgage broker to advocate for me who was able to work with Lanser to problem-solve! 100% would recommend going with a broker! Everything ended up working out, and we were all able to work together to come to a mutual agreement to ensure I was able to keep my block and meet the requirements of the bank. Having great support on your side really pays off. Throughout the construction phase I had no issues with Hickinbotham and I feel very lucky!

A nice welcome home – Bree’s hallway in her new home.

L: How did you find the service from Lanser Realty?

B: The sales consultants from Lanser Realty were super welcoming, friendly and very prompt with communication all of which I thought were really important aspects when choosing your own block of land! I had quite a lot of contact with my consultant due to some of my difficulties and they were nothing but great in supporting both me, and the vendors. 

L: Was it worth going through the building process – and what do you love most about your new home?

B: It is 100% worth it! I would definitely recommend going through the home build process. It is so rewarding seeing all of your hard work, savings and choices come to life! What I love most about my home is my ensuite and kitchen areas which is where I splurged more with upgrades. I also love the aspects where I was able to pitch in and do a bit of DIY! With the help of my partner, I was able to install my own stormwater, build a retaining wall in my front and backyard, and contribute to landscaping with the help of family and friends, which was super rewarding! 

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