Making Aston Hills Home…

Making Aston Hills Home…

We were thrilled to talk to Rosie who together with her husband Tom have secured themselves a gorgeous address at Aston Hills, and are about to commence their building journey…



AH: Congrats on your block Rosie! Where are you both currently living, and what made you choose Aston Hills?

Rosie: Well we’re currently living in Campbelltown. But I grew up here in Mount Barker and my parents are still there. So I wanted to be close to my family and friends – I can’t wait to move back! We’re so excited. We both want kids and we can’t think of anywhere better to raise children.


AH: Tell us about your block!

R: We got so lucky with our block. It’s opposite the bike park and walking trail – we could not have asked for a better lot. I grew up on a big block here in Mount Barker and we had so much open space, and I loved that growing up. I feel like we finally found the same feeling here for our own family at Aston Hills.


AH: So how did you guys decide Aston Hills was the place you wanted to call home?

R: The convenience is incredible – we can get to the freeway so much easier without having to drive through Mt Barker. But also just all the reserves – the café, the lakes, the parks – it feels fantastic. There are some smaller townhouses but most of the blocks here are bigger. Also from our place I can walk to the new Drakes – the spot we’re in is perfect as we’re a little bit away from it all but everything’s accessible.



AH: So tell us how you selected your block? It’s a beauty!

R: We did things backwards – we found a house we fell in love with and it was quite big. We needed a big block and we didn’t want a split level home. A huge highlight for us was that the block at Aston Hills came benched and retained.

When we bought our block – we’d been talking with Brad about what we were after and he let us know when this block came up. We were ready thank goodness, we just thought let’s go do it! There were only two bigger blocks in the release – and we knew which one we wanted so we camped out in our car the night before to get the block! My husband said we just can’t miss out! We could not be happier with the block we got.


AH: Now that’s a story to tell the kids! How did you select your builder?

R: We’re building with Dechellis – I fell in love with the home straight away. It was an easy decision, but we did need a bigger block. We couldn’t believe it when our block came up – it’s directly opposite the mountain bike trail so there is so much open space and trees, and there’s a reserve on one side of us and the bike track in front.

The home itself is really big – I love the kitchen and butler’s pantry. It has four big bedrooms and a few different living spaces as well. So there’s room for a playroom and a wing for children. We just want to be there for the foreseeable future. There’s lots of room for some nice landscaping and still have a large garden – it’s our perfect family home.


AH: How did you find the purchasing journey at Aston Hills?

R: Brad has been great he has always answered our questions and emailed back so fast – he’s always happy to have a chat. He is super genuine we didn’t feel like he was trying to sell us something. He was very clear about helping us get what we wanted not selling us something we didn’t want.


AH: What are you looking forward to most about life at Aston Hills?

R: Being near family and friends. I think I will feel safer with my future children – I know my kids will be able to play around here. Every time I’m up at Aston Hills see mums with babies in prams walking to the café and I say that will be us we won’t need to go anywhere else!


To find out more about making Aston Hills home – please call Brad on 0452 136 091.