Welcome to Aston Hills!

Welcome to Aston Hills!

We chatted to first home buyers Agastya and Neha about building their dream home at Aston Hills…

Welcome to Aston Hills! Did you guys find it hard buying your first home?

Initially we were unsure where to begin looking at or whom to contact. After a lot of research and getting in contact with Lanser, our builders and the mortgage broker, everything fell into place and things started making sense and now we are on our way to have our first home ready within few months.

Do you have any tips for first home buyers?

Please do as much research as possible in finding your first home. You want to be 100% satisfied with the place that you choose to build your first home. We did a lot of land inspections for few months ensuring the community, the neighbourhood and the price is right.

What made you choose Aston Hills?

The most important thing that got us attracted to Aston Hills was being a well-planned community and this mattered the most to us. Decent size land blocks, parks, lakes, child care centre, shopping centre, mountain bike trails were some of the highlight that got us excited. On top of this, we found a perfect block for us which was affordable too.

How is the build going? 

It has been 2 months since our build has started and the house is coming along really quick. We are looking forward to moving in 2019.

Did you enjoy the process of selecting the home design that you wanted?

We always knew what style of house we wanted in terms of design. So, when it came to selecting the home design, it was a no brainer. The most exciting part was selecting all those little details such as colour, flooring, kitchen, pantry etc.

What are you looking forward to the most about moving into your new home?

This will be our very first home together so we are quite thrilled when the house will be fully ready to be handed over to us. Finally, being able to live in our own house and not having to pay rent to someone else is what we are looking forward to.

Did you have any problems with getting finance for you home and if so how did you resolve any issues?

We had no such problems in getting finance as our mortgage broker had already worked out a customised plan suiting our situation.

How did you find the sales process at Aston Hills?

Karen was very friendly, approachable and helpful with us throughout the process. She made our entire experience of putting the land on hold, communicating with our builder and getting the contract signed seem very easy.