Welcome to Liberty Homes

Welcome to Liberty Homes

We are excited to welcome Liberty Homes to our display village in Aston Hills.

Aston Hills is pleased to welcome Liberty Homes to our display village.

To see how Liberty Homes can make building your dream home simple and straightforward, visit us at Aston Hills to explore their beautiful Cezanne Alfresco now on display.

All of Liberty Homes’ designs are delivered as complete homes, ensuring no hidden costs.

The Cezanne Alfresco is a spacious four bedroom home with two living areas that offers incredible value along with classic styling that the whole family will love.

The classic interiors in the Cezanne Alfresco offer timeless appeal.

Liberty Homes is a South Australian builder who focuses on bespoke affordability and attention to detail that offers families shopping in the established market an exciting new alternative. 

The Cezanne Alfresco is open every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm on Muirfield Street in Mount Barker.

Find out more about our display village here, or give our friendly team a call on 0499 799 556.