Welcome to The Range

Welcome to The Range


We caught up with Ellie who is building her first family home with her partner at The Range, an exclusive precinct at Aston Hills….


Aston Hills: So tell us how you guys decided on Aston Hills as the place to build?

Ellie: Well we wanted to build, but we started looking for land near where we live and we just couldn’t find a block big enough. I have three children aged 15, 13 and 2! So the older two go to school in Urbrae and we didn’t want to be too far from school. We decided to start looking in the Hills and looked at a lot of show homes.

We loved the idea that Aston Hills has so much planned, the shopping centre, childcare, the oval, the future swimming centre. It was just one tick after another. My daughter works at Drakes and is hoping to transfer to the new one at Aston Hills! There’s quite a lot of young families moving in too which we loved. We have a friend who lives here who sends us photos of our house progress!



AH: How was your experience purchasing your land?

E: We worked with Brad – he was great! He was really accommodating. When he took us to look at the block it was raining and he took us in his car, and he always called us back.


AH: You guys purchased in The Range – are you a sporty family?

E: Well my husband plays a bit of golf, he will probably use the club with his dad and brother. All my kids are very active and my youngest Angus will grow up here so the Summit Sport Park will be used a lot – he’ll love the oval!


AH: How did you choose your home builder?

E:  We looked around a lot – we went to different show homes most weekends. We loved the Dechellis show homes and we thought they’d be out of our price range but they  weren’t! We read a lot of reviews online about different builders and joined some Facebook pages and even started one ourselves to share tips with other home builders. We found that so useful. We ended up going with Dechellis – we think it’s worth it!



AH: Tell us about the features of your new home…

 E: It has four bedrooms, and I’m excited it has a rumpus room for the kids – an entertainment area just for them. They’re teenagers now and  have their friends over and play Playstation – it will be nice for them to have their own space. We’re hoping to put a pool in one day. We’re currently in a three bedroom house and I’m really looking forward to having more space!



AH: What are your tips for people building their first home?

 E: Spend time going to show homes – ask a million questions when you’re there as you can learn so much from the sales consultants just by talking to them. They have a wealth of knowledge. Some of them are very realistic about timeframes and how much things actually cost.


AH: So what are you guys most looking forward to when you move up here?

 E: I’m looking forward to the change in lifestyle – it will feel less cluttered with a country feel, but without feeling isolated. I think we all love the idea of living in the country but we also don’t want to be far from shops and friends. We have everything we have in the suburbs up here, but with the country feel to it as well. Our current home feels so tiny and squashed, and when we move to Aston Hills I feel like we’ll be getting back to how things felt when I was a kid with a big open yard. It is a real mix of country and city living. We’ve also seen there’s great community up here with neighbours helping each other out. We can’t wait.



You can follow Ellie’s family’s build journey on Instagram at @vogue_305_. To find out more about making Aston Hills home, contact our team here.