Eco-friendly Central Lakes and Reserve now Open

Lanser is excited to announce the opening of the Central Lake & Reserve precinct, which forms part of the Aston Hills masterplan in Mount Barker.

Located at the corner of Aston Parade and Heysen Boulevard, this exciting addition to the development comes hot on the heels of the launch of Aston Hills’ Trail Park, and is another space for local families to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of the Adelaide Hills.

As a design-led company, Lanser is proud that this project provides not only an attractive asset to the community but also a dual wetland system that provides best practice water treatment for urban run-off.

Senior Project Director Gerald Ward states:

‘Our team believes in the benefits that come from carefully planning and designing our communities. Good design is a principle that guides every aspect of our business so that we can feel proud of the legacy that we create for ourselves, for South Australia and for our residents – we’re proud that we’ve delivered these lakes incorporating best practice water treatment solution to the Aston Hills community.”

The lakes includes litter traps, inlet ponds and vegetated macrophyte zones which all play a critical role in improving water quality. It stores water for 2-3 days during low flows and in times of heavy rains and storms the system provides flood protection by detaining the flood water and releasing it slowly back into the stormwater network.

The wetlands have been integrated into the Aston Hills landscape and have been closely considered as part of the overall design of the area. The combined treatment qualities of the wetland system meets best practice objectives and provide vast environmental benefits to the overall ecosystem.

Establishing itself as a burgeoning new lifestyle destination for young homebuyers, Aston Hills has put good urban design at the forefront of its masterplan, prioritising a variety of allotment sizes and home designs alongside fitness trails and open spaces designed to make active living easy for busy families.

With construction well advanced and the largest established display village in the Hills, Aston Hills boasts a masterplan that includes a future Village Centre and education campus, a golf course and fitness trails plus a brand new Early Learning Centre, mountain bike park, reserves and play spaces.

Lanser’s Managing Director Jason Green commented:

‘With more people working from home and faster commutes via the new freeway interchange, this is simply a beautiful place to live and work. No longer do young families have to compromise on their location – our residents get to build their dream home in a location that they love where healthy living and a connection to nature has been integrated into the design of the community.’